papa pear saga hack tool

Papa Pear Saga Hack


Papa Pear Saga Hack Tool

We are presenting you our best working version of Papa Pear Saga hack tool. Our hack tool allows you to add Unlimited Lives, Gold Bars. Another useful feature of Papa Pear Saga Hack is the “Unlimited Moves” option.
With this cheat you will pass any level easily!

Instructions :

1. Enter to your Papa Pear Saga profile from Facebook Page

2. Start playing the game

3. Open Papa Pear Saga hack tool

4. Enter the values you need. Lives, gold or moves. Click on “Add resources” and Enjoy playing the game. You need to make a move for the resources to appear.

Check the video below for a brief tutorial.


Download (Direct Link) : Link 1

Telecharger (lien direct)  : Lien 1

*Before installing this hack make sure that the .NET Framework 4 is installed on your computer.

**In case the software you downloaded is malfunctioning or not working at all, please send a message using our contact form, so you’ll be automatically on list for receiving an updated version of the file that didn’t work for you. However if you try to use this form just for receiving an updated version or the same version trying to avoid the survey, then your IP will be permanent banned from our website and you won’t have access to our downloads.

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